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UserBase Systems Inc provides a full range of support services for all your UserBase application software. These support services ensure that you receive timely, professional support from experienced programmers and customer representatives.

Please read on for additional information on UserBase's support services or click the links below to jump to a product specfic support page:

img] Maestro Support Page
img] Geac Support Page
img] WinTik Support Page

The standard UserBase Software Support Services Agreement (SSSA) includes:

• Unlimited telephone support during regular business hours.
• Periodic software upgrades as they become available.
• Access to industry experienced personnel to assist with procedural questions.
• Prompt resolution of any problems via modem support.

Understanding that the quality of our support has a tremendous impact on client satisfaction, UserBase is very proud of the level service provided to our clients.

How to Best Use our Support Services

For most support issues the best option is to call our support department directly. Please call the number at the bottom of this page and ask for ‘support’. This will ensure that your support call is logged and that you are directed to the first available support representative.

The more documentation you can provide on your problem the easier it will be for us to help you. As a follow up to your call please feel free to fax as much information as possible pretaining to your problem, such as copies of audit trails, reports, inquires, screen shots, etc.

E-mail to support@userbasesystems.com is an effective way of communicating a detailed explanation of a problem to our staff. If your issue is not of an urgent nature, e-mail alone is fine, we will review it in a timely manner. However, urgent e-mails should be followed up with a support call so that the call is logged and your e-mail is addressed with the same priority as telephone calls.

How to Contact Support

Telephone (8:30-5:00 Eastern):
(613) 270 0502

(613) 270 8134


Mail to:
UserBase Systems Inc.
160 Terence Matthews Crescent
Unit F2
Kanata, Ontario
K2M 0B2